Dunbar printing located in Dunbar, WV does it all, from small prints to oversized banners. I contacted them because I had a client that wanted a six foot by 4 foot banner for their shop. I also had a possible vinyl wrap project in the making. I went to them to see them about quotes and if they messed with vinyl. They did, and did a great job!

The Owner, saw my work and liked it. We started talking about vinyl wraps and he asked me if I could design a wrap for his work truck. Remember, this a print shop that has designers in house but he wanted to contract ME to draw it.


      He wanted the print shop to be in a old 50's street theme. Another project right up my alley. This is what I came up with and I have to say, I love it as much as the client does.    

     Red hawk trucking contacted me wanting a drawing and logo for the company trucks. These would go on the doors and on the sleeper.

      The client and I talked about the design and he wanted a red tailed hawks head on the doors with the company name. He then wanted a drawing of a red tailed hawk ripping up another semi truck. (shredding the competition) This drawing would go on the sleeper.

      This was a really fun project, not only did it involve automobiles but wildlife. My favorite things. After allot of research I drew the hawk head first and have to say I'm very pleased with it. The hawk ripping up the trailer took a little longer to plan out but in the end it came out great.  

Alley Rumblerz Car Club

Dunbar Printing and Graphics

Heroes for Hire

Simpson Racing

Red Hawk Trucking

      I met Batman at a car show in Hurricane, West Virginia in all places. I had a booth set up displaying my Car-Catures and Batman wanted me to draw his Bat Rod, which is a wicked Roush Mustang.

Batman is actually named  John and he founded Heroes for Hire.  Batman along with some other well known super heroes go to schools and talk to kids about being the hero in their community. To see more them and there awesome work check out their facebook page here,


      John Asked me if I could design a poster with him and the car. He gave me the picture of him and I designed everything around that. He also wanted a logo for the company. He wanted a badge design that he could put on his cars. 

      I was honored to have to opportunity to create artwork for such a great organization.     

Wall Mural

      Simpson Racing located in Colorado asked me if I could design the logo for their race cars hood. He wanted a skull wearing an Easy Rider helmet.

      I drew the skull and helmet but felt something was missing. I lacked attitude. I played around with a few ideas and finally came up with the ripped metal and checkered flag background.

      This project was a blast to work on! A friend of ours asked me if I could paint a mural in their backyard. She wanted the mural to incorporate her and her husbands life story.   

She told me about how they met at the LOVE statue in Philly and wanted that to be the focal point. This is what I came up with.

      The left side is the husbands. He was born in Switzerland and I incorporated everything he loved about growing up in Switzerland. The right side is the wife's. She was born in Zimbabwe and I included all the things she loved doing. In the center is the LOVE statue in Philadelphia where the two met. Above the statue is the Colorado state flag where the two have grown and started their family. Inside I drew some of downtown Denver's iconic buildings along with the famous flat irons in Boulder.

The final size of this piece was 

7ft X 10ft       

      Alley Rumblerz is a new car club in Colorado and I had the pleasure designing their t shirts and banners. They wanted a chopped up late model ford doing a power slide through an alley. knocking over trash cans and making a ruckus. Their mascot would be a tough looking alley cat.